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Monday, June 4, 2012

Far away ;')

We're far away :'(

Hi again fella's , not in good mood actually . Hm I do miss my old Bainun life soo muchhh . Yeah sad to hear i'm now called ex-Bainun , but deep in bottom of my heart i'm still the old Amyra , Bainunians teehee . Lalalala miss my friends like hell , feels like want to hug them and never let them go . K sory i've made the wrong decision with moving out from Bainun the heaven hehe and go to damn hell Igop haha . I'm happy when chatting with you guys but then I realise theres a big gap between us , not like dulu-dulu , its different . Its not my only thoughts but its reality and theres nothing could change it back to normal and perhaps you guys have forgotten me . Seriously i'm not happy at all , not having fun either , stressed tension and whatnot staying in Igop makes me feels soo sad . Crying all over again everytimes remember you guys . Always been in my head 'if i'm staying in Bainun , my life will stay happy and cheerful with you guys by my side' but its too late to regret what i've done , punch on my face ahhh en ? Hmm now I know why is the gap have to happen , because we're soo far away , no going to school together , going prep together , going to dining hall together , gossiping together , laughing together . There's no more wearing slipper to prep , wearing shirt to prep , perform prayer in the dorm , general cleaning on sunday and all that make my tears falls Hmmm . I'm soo jelly seeing you guys with new friends and theres no sign of me . Nothing much we can do en ? Just accept the fate with clear heart and hopes our friendship will never end till our last breath kay ? I love you guys soo muchh moree than a word can describe , noo doubt about it , Forever Bainun bye

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!