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Monday, June 4, 2012

Lifeless Heartless

Hey people , kinda long time ahhh no bloggie blogging hahahaha , what a bored life -,-' Hows lifee weh ? Someone asked me actually . There here I want to tell you the whole story . Guess what ? My life is soo freaking damn bad ahhhh with the new school sorry to say ahh weh . Whats going on ? Favourite question for me to answer haha XD Kay lets start , every morning I woke up then took a bath , everythings going fine soo far . Walking to surau for Subuh prayer then to the academic block waiting for the assembly to start .  Walking up to the highest floor and there 4Zahrawi , theres my nightmares begin haha -,-' Soo the conclusion I hate schoolin' there and perhaps i would go to the mental hospital , tension stress everythings there . I'm living like heartless plus lifeless person , damn ! Hate Hate Hate never love the school haha -,-' Kbye :)
Guys, please dont give a damn okay!