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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Amy , be like this okay , haha :')

I'm a failure am I ? I do feels like a failure . Why ? because of him . Ohhh , wataahell ! I know I'm not dying yet but I feels like i'm missing something . I said I do not want to liking someone again , but I failed . and and I am soo sad . I do not want to have a crush in my lifee , its just hurting me . Ohmyyy , can you help me friends ? Ohh , no you dont . Its about heart , theres no one or thing can cure except him . Hahh , i'm piffling again and again . sorry guys . May I just pretend I dont know him and everythings never happen , can I ? Ofcourse I can't , I know that . I cant stop myself from liking you . soo bad right ? i'm strong am I ? I dont need you right ? Just my heart can answer all this question . If someone has the cure of mine , just let me know , haha . Stopp piffling Amyra . I'm very tired and I feel like I want to give up , but my heart says No , Ohhhfishh enn ? Haha , forgetting you is the hardest thing young boy . How I wish you would notice me AAAAA ♥ 
Kstopp , bye :')

# from the bottom of my heart

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!