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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adapt ?

Hi people , today I would like to share about my new life in Integrasi Gopeng . yeah , it won't be the same as Bainun ofcourse and to be honest I do miss Bainun soo much and i still couldn't adapt with Igop surrounding . There soo many different things such as have to wear tudung labuh , going to surau everytime solat fardhu if can berjemaah tapi ni tak kesah ah tambah jugak pahala aku haha and many more rules but my mom says I've to be grateful studying in that school and only the chosen one could be there so please adapt myself . But there soo many things changed and I'm sooo sad remembering my friends in Bainun . But there good things about Igop , aku dah kurang mencarut kot haha . Just pray for me to suit myself there . Forvever Bainunians :D
Bainun is the best among the best ♥

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!