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Saturday, February 18, 2012

vanilla coklat ♥

Acewahhhhh , nak jugak nak jugak sweet-2 ni haa XD

Who's watching this awesome drama ? put your hands up guys , Muehehe :D
At first , I'm not watching this actually but all my friends said that this drama has it own style and ofcourse best + sweet just like reading a novel . I do very attracted when they said ' sweet gilaa wehh ' , so I tried watching the 8th episode last night and they're absolutely right , it was amazingly amazing , heee . Aiman and Izara soo soo sweet , they matched each other , looking good together , Handsomee and Pretty :D How I wish , I could be sweet loikee them , can i ? Ofcourse yes . Haha . Tak menahann betul aku tengok deme ni haa , romantik sangat . Okay , i'm soo jelly i'm jelly and i'm jelly . Apa lagi Liam , jom laa kahwin , Hihi . Since I live in a boarding school so I have to watch it online instead of download but , s'okay since the drama impressed me :D Kahwin paksaa ahh ? ada lagi kan nowadays , unbelieveble actually . Yalahhhh , sekarang kan zaman moden bagai , mana ada kahwin mak bapak aturkan , kuno dohh . Ada kot tapi manoriti la kan kan ? susah nak jumpa kahwin paksa sekarang kan kan ? haha . For me , married someone which chosen by parents and the one we doesn't know them actually would be more happier like those in the novel than the married couple that have known such a long time . I'm not saying that those married couple who had known each other for along time won't be happier , dont misundrestood please . Just giving a comment based on this issue . Tak percaya , tengok lahh nenek moyang kitaa haa , tahan je sampai sekarang kan kan ? maybe itu zaman dulu kot , so tak boleh ambil kira sangat kan ?  By the way , believe each other is very and the most important things in a relationship if want it to stay long until the the last breath , ni tak , text sikit dengan orang lain dah nak cetuskan World War III pulak , haihh , payah-2 , tuu belum kahwin lagi tu haa , hadoi . besides , without believing each other , the relationship would not stay long perhaps . Semua couple dalam dunia ni akan happy kalau ada persefahaman kan kan ? Tak kira paksa or rela , haha . Anyway , dalam sesebuah relationship tuu kan , gaduh-2 is a normal silly thingy , ngengade laa katekan , haha . Ecewaahhhh aku ni , cakap pasal realtionship le pulakk , spm pun belumm lagi , garik beno ehhh , Haha . Keep watching this awesomee drama okay , Love it soo much . Thats all , Kbye people 

# Guys , do need your prayers :D

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!