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Friday, February 17, 2012

Nadya Shafiqa :D

First of all , I would like to apologise to Nadya for not answering your phone call babe , actually aku mengharap gila dapat cakap dengan kau bagai . Okay , I miss you soo much especially your cheeky thingy :( I heard you are not soo comfortable there aren't you ? It's just a beginner Nad , s'okay . Be tough okay :D Yes , I know that we're not soo close until we were in the same class in form 2 and in the same team in netball , but I Love you soo really much than words can describe . Remember how we' chit chat about our crush , haha . That moment was very meaningful for me to have friend likee you . Prettayy , adorable , kind , intelligent , and so on good characteristics , you are just the way you are , and its great having friends likee you Nadia Shafiqa binti Tun Abdul Nasir :D

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!