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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

friends :)

Thanks babe :)

Nurul Asmida binti Jaffari :)

Hello fella's , Amy's here , vomitting ? go to hell okay , haha . Little bit of introduction from Amy , hihi . Okay , back to the main topic up there , Nurul Asmida Jaffari . Hi Midae , i'm touched with your post in your blog and ofcourse i appriciate it really much babe . By the way , you don't need to seek for my apologise , its not your fault . Its just me who over touching , haha . I thought you know what friends for so there is me always for you . Its normal if at our age ' teenagers ' , always have the feelings of hate , love , envy and many more things we have to go through Midae and I know its not yours or even my fault because all of this to happen , you love them and you want to be their goodfriends like dulu duluu , yeahhh , i understand that dear , no worries . And about your late grandfather , let him go peacefully okay , you know he loves you and be strong okay , I know you are strong enough to face all this . Whatever happen , we will be friends forever okay , 
I do love you AsmidaJaffari :D

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!