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Monday, January 23, 2012

Leave me alonee :(

Hi peoplee , yeahhh , i'm very sad now . I just didnt get the offer from sbp nor mrsm and it feels like i am the most stupid person in the world . And I keep crying over and over again , flows through my cheek and it feels so hurt . I do jealous to those who succesfully get the offer , but what can I do ? nothing . I'll miss them s really muchh :'( 
Mibu , sape nak drop aku dahhh ?
Syida , sape nakk buat lawak bodoh dah dekat kelas ?
Mahani , takde bieber dahhh , tak boleh datang B4 lepakk .
Nadya , sape nak chit chat dengan aku sambil buat muka nanti ?
Nad Tika , aku tak bleh nak ejek kau dahh , sedihnya :(
Bujor , mesti rindu sikap blurr kauu tuuuu .
Nureen , takde dahh GD netball yang terror cam kau :(
Bie , takde dahh volleyball player f4 ,
Onie , mesti rinduu gaduh ngan kau nanti :(

and ofcourse my beloved Batch28 . Hope all of you can adapt with the new school . 
Will miss all of you really muchh and please keep remembering each other forever :)
Our memory will always stay in my head .
Do pray for me getting another school guys , pleasee ,
Kbyee :')

Guys, please dont give a damn okay!